A4 Quattro 3.0 V6


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Hi all,

Hoping to purchase the above car in a few months, hopefully a 2004 reg one and just wanted to see if there were any owners of this model and how you have found it, also on servicing costs. I know Audi have a set price now but that only covers up to 2.0l models.
Is the power ok for you, I used to own a EP3 Civic type R, I'm not expecting the A4 to be a full on sports car but I would like to know how it handles and how it puts down the power.



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Had mine about three months now not the fastest thing on the planet but does handle realy well , you need to sort out the the exhaust system ,as it is defo to quiet ,friend owns an exhaust company in scotland he built a system for me based on the Miltek ,and i must admit it sounds sweet , apart from that its a thirsty git ,but hey its a v6 LoL


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I've just picked one up a couple of weeks ago. Mine's got a few niggles but its a lovely solid drive but would agree with edthebal that its not the quickest thing out there, tis a heavy car after all. Think i'll use it as a dry run for an S4 ;)

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Had mine for a while now. Problem free apart from a failed coil pack which is pretty much a given at some stage with any Audi it seems. Its a great ride with sufficient (not that there is ever enough really!) power so that when fully loaded its not affected much. If you are after a fast car then start at the S4/RS4, having said that, get this on a windy road where its down to handling and speed is second, it is ****** good fun as it has loads of torque. Exhaust note is awesome with the Milltek and you get about 8-10mpg more than the S4 (thats only based on my weekend test drive of an S4 which is not conducive to driving like a nanna!).

Personally if you can afford the fuel I would go with an S4 but the is V6 is capable happy compromise........ UK fuel prices make me mad....I am getting wound up just thinking about them!:motz:

When I eventually move back to NZ where the Government isn't quite as ruthless with fuel tax, an RS4 will be the first thing on the shopping list..... :wub: