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bob spink Sep 2, 2018

  1. bob spink

    bob spink Guest

    Hi all,
    I am currently having problems with my A4 avant 3.0 tdi V6 Quattro. The diesel system seems to be drawing air from somewhere. I have fitted 2 NRV's in the fuel line, 1 at the tank and 1 at the engine. I have replaced all of the injection leak off pipes and also replaced the fuel filter to fuel pump pipes (in the engine bay). When i can get it to start it runs fine but when it's stopped there is air getting back into the system and it won't start again. Any ideas as to where it could be drawing air from
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  3. guyzza75

    guyzza75 Member

    I know there can be issues with tandem pumps leaking air from the vacuum side into the fuel side ..not sure about your model though ..worth looking up

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