A4 noisy tick over help !!!!!

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Oct 5, 2013
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Hi all , just bought my first Audi fsi 2l turbo Quattro exclusive . Was driving home from dealer and noticed on tick over I've got a considerable metallic type knock ? When driving can't hear it just seems to be on tick over.ive read that these engines are slightly noisy due to the fuel system but surely not that loud ? I also had engine management light come on so took it to Audi.they said it came up fault code low emissions ??? And needed a cat.I also asked them to check noise out and it came back they couldn't find anything wrong with the engine ??? I can honestly say I'm having sleepless nights !!!!!! Any help would be appreciated , my dosage of nightol is going up
Hej, relax.....they are as noisey as a diesel....what engine model do you have Are you using 98 or 95 fuel?
Only got it last week I'm an Audi virgin , it's a 2006 A4 Sline Quattro exclusive , when i bought it I told them I wanted a full tank so presuming they used low octane , re-filled for the first time with optimax. Was also told u can buy octane boost to add. It's not made much difference. It's only done 48,000 but they may have put rubbish oil in when servicing as it came from lookers Bristol presume its B7
have you a video clip of the sound? The TFSI is a clattery engine for sure. Especially if they have been modded.
No will have to post a video I guess, location is from the top part of the engine , it's not the injector noise , but a mechanical cycle knock tin type noise. Few of the videos on YouTube sound the same .i can still hear it when radio is on volume 6 . Anything over 40mph and its gone drives smooth no noise great
The engine does rattle a lot.....is the rattle intermittent like random clanking...could be the chain at the back of the cam.....mine's ratlled and banged....cause I was using 95.....changed to 98 mostly shell v power....been good ever since. Sounds like you need to take it back and or get a second opinion.....it shouldn't be noticeable enough to have turn the noise reduction system on!
yes, and yes. Given its a reasonably early model, it could have the early softer follwer in it. Also if it's on AVS it could only have had 3 oil changes in it's life, not good for moving parts under very high load
Cheers for the info, think ill get the cam belt changed early and get it checked out , read somewhere that there's an Audi warranty for cam follower on some models will have to look into it. First thing in the morning it's quiet and can't hear it ? Then once it's warmed up its knocking .ive taken it to 2 Audi specialists and both said they where not sure . I've still got 3 months warranty so need to get it sorted
its easy to look at the follower and cam lobe by removing the HPFP, iirc it's 3 bolts and some pipes to look
Ok will check it presuming it will have a flat spot on it or wear. How much am I looking at to replace ?
They cam follower is no more than 35 quid and less than an hours labour if you cannae do it yourself.