A4 Model year 2021 specs?


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UK Audi configurator now updated showing the 40TFSI cars as 204bhp.

So I assume this is now the 2021 MY standard. 190bhp is gone from the configurator. The 35 TFSI remains at 150bhp it seems, not showing any increase as yet.

That’s good to know...I ordered the 40TFSI Black Edition at the end of last month so nice to know I’ll now have a few added horses!

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Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TFSI 204 S-Tronic Black Edition
Me too. Ordered a A4 Avant 40TFSI S Tronic Black Edition on 27th July.

My order confirmation from my broker states MY2021, but also by ordering at the end of July this surely guarantees it to built as a MY2021, probably not entering build until Q4 this year.

So like you I'm glad for the little increase in bhp. I'm not that interested in outright sprint pace at my age but hopeful might make it a bit more driveable. No increase in torque figures though it seems.

Despite having a manual for my 2017 A4 Avant, I've driven the S Tronic before for a few weeks. I wonder if the change in engine power helps with delay / hesitation issues? I recognised the issue with the S Tronic immediately when moving from the manual box. I remember being terrified that the car doesn't react to inputs!

Hopefully things have improved when my new model arrives in a few months.

Does the increase in power just come from the updated mild hybrid system or a remapping of the existing TFSI engine?

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Had this communication from Audi regarding the MY2021 order of A4 Avant Black edition (C&S) 35 TFSI

model year changes are below; A4 Range

Updates 2021:
Pricing: No price changes or inflation vs MY20

Specification changes: Flat bottom steering wheel unavailable with Driver Assistance Pack – Tour, Vorsprung models now come standard with Multifunction steering wheel high.

Changes to some standard interior upholstery: headrests, carpets and dashboards.

Updates to Flat bottom steering wheel build rules: Due to new factory build rules flat bottom steering wheel is no longer available with Driver Assistance Pack - Tour. All Vorsprung trims on A4 & S4 will now come standard with multi function steering wheel, (round) in replacement of flat bottom steering wheel. This also applies to any customer adding Driver Assistance Pack - Tour onto a non Vorsprung model with flat bottom steering wheel.

RS 4 is not currently impacted by the above updates and offering remains in line with MY20. Upholstery Updates:

Headrests on leather/alcantara upholstery, (standard on S line and Black Edition) will change from leather to synthetic leather at MY21.

Dashboard and Carpet from MY21 will be black when ordering Rock Grey (EA) and Atlas beige (EL) twin leather, (standard on Sport, optional on Technik)

Audi inform me that no changes have been made for this model in the UK regarding engine, as such it remains at 150 PS. Only the A6 has a mild hybrid upgrade