A4 indash cupholder


A4 Avant 130 Tdi
can anyone help

my cupholder is stuck in. does anyone know how to get it out so i can get a new one in. i know there is already a few posts on this but i can't seem to find one on the A4. so far i've managed to break the front bit off but can't seem to get it to budge.

also how much do these things cost has anybody actually ever renewed one

don't really want to take it to audi cos i know is gunna cost me an arm a
and a leg or selling my soul to the devil would only just cover it i recken.

cheers all


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you will av 2 remove the centre console to get it out i replaced mine on my previous b5, they are about 28 quid from vagparts. once youve got the old one out the new 1 just pushes in and locks onto some clips at the rear hope that made sense


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Or you coud just remove the clip on trim directly above the cup holder and that should give you plenty of access to release the cup holder. The trim piece just pulls out will a bit of persuasion.


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I had this on my A4.
If i remember rightly there was something in the top left corner that was holding mine shut,shoved a screwdriver in there and forced it open.
Put it all back together once it opened and it worked fine ever since.


A4 Avant 130 Tdi
thanks guys iv'e managed to get it out

its never worked since i bought the car looks like the previous owner must have had a bit of trouble with it as it had been broken,glued together and then glued shut no wonder it didn't work.

ordered a new one from vag just hope i havent damaged where the new one goes in cos it took a bit of persuading to get out i can tell ya

thanks again