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A4 Estate Fuel leak problem

hitechtherealone Jan 10, 2020

  1. hitechtherealone

    hitechtherealone New Member

    Hi, I've got a A4 estate 2004 petrol, S LINE. Developed a fuel leak from under the car. Its quite severe. I have jacked it up, got under it to check. It is coming from the top of the tank which has zero access to it. I lifted the back seat to get to the accesss holes to check the fuel pump. Under both there is nothing. Because its an estate im guessing the access hole is further in the back in the boot. There is some amount of underlay carpet and trim in that area to remove. I've hunted high and low to see if i can find some info on this and i cant. So far i have removed all the strap bolts holding the tank on under the car, I would just like to ask you guys for some info on the process to get to the fuel pump from the top. The trim removal process. What i was hoping would be a straight forward hose leak appears to be a very time consuming exercise to get the tank dropped. Please help guys. I been a member on this forum for a while but never had any reason before this to ask for help. Not usually into audi's but got a repair every other place had turned down.
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  3. Moniek88

    Moniek88 Member

    At the end of your boot there will be a metal around plate , bolted down with 4 m6 bolts, you will find thre a blue tank cover,
  4. hitechtherealone

    hitechtherealone New Member

    I already sorted this. No thanks to any tips or hints from here. People obviously been busy doing their own things. Had no option but to start stripping out the rear trim all round the boot just to get to the fuel pump. It was a very time consuming job. Had to remove the exhaust to drop the tank out. Then it all became clear. The fuel pump feed hose to the fuel filter had a hairline crack a couple of inches long. The worst thing about this hose is it is tucked tightly around the top of the tank then goes thru the crossmember section which is all hidden away from view until u strip all the trim and plastics out then drop the whole tank to actually see it and access it. The estate version is a completely diffirent job from a coupe or saloon version just for reference for anybody needing to do this job. If people start saying ohh hey the pump its just further back in the boot. Easy job. Yeh it is back under the boot under a load of plastic trim and carpet and screws and clips. Easy, kinda. Very time consuming tho. Job done. Most other garages refused this job and as I started to strip the rear trim out I understood why.

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