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a4 confused

mikecar Dec 12, 2014

  1. mikecar

    mikecar New Member

    hope this is posted in the right area, if not Mods please move it to correct section.
    need a bit of feedback/help from members with experience on A4.
    im looking to purchase A4 2010 onwards..my preferred model is 2.TDI SLine..
    my previous was 330d Msport and previously M5.(was on the verge of bankruptcy)
    read lot of feed back on the 143 v 170 bhp, most fingers are pointing towards 143 better then 170...not much great difference on power ,more economical on MPG..
    any opinions or experiences ?

    is manual better or auto? I've noticed some with many buttons around the gear lever console in a u form. What are these for?

    are all S Line standard specs across the models or do they vary and any extras I should consider.

    finally I believe these cars are stop/start button technology, unfortunately my previous had a flawed in this and went AWOL..so do I need to be aware of security issues in this and upgrade to a more high tech system.my insurers are not interested anymore in high performances due to me moving around a lot of job and to be honest I don't have interest in them much as I never really get full power out of them..
    sorry guys I may sound a bit of boring but I think I've had enough of bimmers .2 to be precise..so its the end for them..
    Audi is a new experience for me, they do look smart.so going shopping over weekend ..
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  3. Molnboman

    Molnboman Well-Known Member

    Hej Mikecar

    Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum. I don't own an Allroad and am unsure if you are looking for one or a standard A4. Manual versus Auto boxes....the recent auto boxes are much improved over the earlier models, however, Audi are not known for having trouble free auto gearboxes. Having never owned an auto box ( with no intention of making the move soon ) I would be inclined to stick to a manual for peace of mind. As for power, well the 143bhp would be cheaper to insure and toad tax am guessing and I am sure you can remap those engines for a peppier performance. Not sure of the differences between the UK, SE and S line but from experience the auto lights and wiper function is a must. Heated seats are great too.

    Can't comment on start/stop tech question.....

    Good luck shopping,
  4. beemerboy9

    beemerboy9 Active Member

    For that model year, if the automatic gearbox has been serviced (approx. every 40,000 miles) it should be OK and is very smooth. The multitronic automatic is not for 0-60 fanatics, but is quick once under way.

    The buttons around the gear lever are for the built in Sat-Nav, which was an option on all 2010 models, I believe.

    S-line is an interior and exterior trim pack common across the engine range.

    Advanced key(keyless entry) with a silver start button to the left of the gearlever was an optional extra and may have security issues. Start stop technology to cut the engine instead of idling in heavy traffic comes with the engine and is completely unrelated to keyless entry.

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