A4 cabriolet window switches


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Dear All,
I had a problem with the drivers side switch. The one that does all the windows at once would not work trying to close the windows.
I took the switches out and gently removed them form the housing using a flat bladed screwdriver.
I cleaned the switches in an ultrasonic cleaner, which removed all the gunk around the contacts. Let it dry overnight and "hey presto" it all works.


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Love that feeling! I've recently done the same with my mates Fabia vrs.
I had it in the garage for new rear calipers, discs and pads and a cv joint. The window annoyed me that much I had to fix it lol


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I did the same with mine, I'm always pleased that Audi switches can generally be disassembled and aren't sealed units.

I don't have an ultrasonic cleaner though.. I've always wanted one but have never been sure how much I'd actually use it.


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Another tip is use a pencil eraser to clean the copper contacts.

How easy do the switches come out to clean?