A4 Cab black - my 2nd ever go with a DA


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Hi, decided after a bit more research etc to have a go at removing some long scratches from the NS of my black A4 cab. None were deep enough to stick on the fingernail test so after washing and drying with microfibre towel, I used my DA along with Mezerna orange pad and Meguiars ultra finishing compound knowing it wouldnt need much cut.

Once done, wached again, dried and waxed with Dodo Juice Purple Haze.

Results below and even though I say so myself I am pretty happy with the results.

Piccys !

1 - Prior to anything - note the long scratches


2- Same as picture 1


3- NS front wing, again multiple marks / scratches


4 - Front wing after DA work


5 - NS Door vs rear quarter comparison


6 - As above


7 - longer view after


8 - view of door etc minus scratches woohoo


Comments appreciated !
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Well done mate.

I have to do the same to Mrs B,s Cab. I hate the fecking thing, i will NEVER EVER get a black car again

S3 Rav

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Good work there. Black is a nightmare but looks the best when clean!


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Thanks guys. Yup black looks brill when its clean ! Its all wind and rain and dust here at the moment so its all mucky again now but at least it will be easler to wash now its got a fresh coat of dodo juice :)


A4 sold, lots of bits available, ask for details
Makes me want to go and sort mine out now!


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I keep dabbling with the idea of a machine polisher but trying to justify cost over use. I would possibly only polish once maybe twice a year but I suppose I could use it for glazes more often.


A4 sold, lots of bits available, ask for details
Could a local group chip in a share a kit?, I'd be happy to share with other local members in my area, would need some sort of booking out system and traceability?