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A4 Black Edition Plus, first thoughts!

Maco Sep 13, 2018

  1. Maco

    Maco Active Member Team Sepang Audi A4 Black Edition S tronic

    So this evening I collected my 2015 65 A4 Black Edition Plus in Sepang Blue with technology pack. 2.0 TDI 150 Multitronic. Had an hour drive home up the A1 after collecting so had a little time to get to grips with it.
    Previous car was a 2014 Mercedes E250 Amg, so I was abit worried about performance with the Audi as it’s only the 2.0 Tdi 150. First impressions, I’m really impressed with the car. Performance wise it doesn’t feel much different, it’s a lot smoother & the auto gearbox is 100% better. You can’t tell it’s changed gear at all. Still thinking of a remap as personally I think the car will be mega impressive mapped.

    As for the technology side of things, it’s supposedly fitted with a high technology pack but I can’t see anything that stands out. There’s certainly nothing special that my merc didn’t have. The Mercedes seemed a little easier to navigate around all the settings etc, the A4 seems a little fiddly but I haven’t had time to sit down & have a play yet. The control touchpad takes a little getting use to but that will come with time.

    I’m quite surprised it doesn’t come with a usb or a aux, aux I can live without especially when you have Bluetooth streaming but the usb comes in handy for phone charging.

    Overall, the car is absolutely beautiful exterior wise. The best looking car I’ve owned I would say. On the performance side of things, I’m very happy & if I get bored I could remap to pretty much the same BHP as the E250 so that’s an option. Finally the technology side of things, I need to spend a bit more time to figure out everything. It seems a lot more modern than the Mercedes but a little harder to control. But like i say, time is needed with that.
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  3. I oOEddOo I

    I oOEddOo I Active Member Team Ibis Supercharged TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi S5 quattro Black Edition

    Welcome to the Audi world and the aux cable / connector can be found in the inside of the glove box.

    Enjoy the car!
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