A4 B9 - Black Edition - Steering Wheel change with Tech Pack ?


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Well after a long stint away from Audi, I've today pressed the button on a new A4 2.0 190 Black Edition with S-tronic

I was under the impression that the car would come with a flat bottom wheel as the Black Edition literature states - However when adding the Tech Pack it replaces the wheel as below - Yet I've not seen any Black Edition that don't have flat bottom wheel ? ? ?

As you spec the car and then select Tech Pack - The image on the configurator changes...

Any advice appreciated - Thanks

Steering wheel elements & controls

Flat bottomed 3-spoke leather trimmed high multi-function steering wheel

with chrome clip (and paddles for automatic transmissions)

Replaced by: High multifunction 3-spoke leather trimmed steering wheel

(contained in Technology Pack)

Syed Shah

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Comes with FB steering wheel even with tech pack.. your dealer should be able to confirm that is the case for you.


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I have the car you get flat bottom steering wheel ignore online car build


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I looked into this after ordering as I experianced the same deletion of FB wheel on configurator.

I have been told that US spec A4's get the round Heated steering wheel with the Teck Pack. (Hence the change of wheel)

Not sure if that's nonsense but there you go.