A4 B8 S-Line Avant shocks


Hi Damian,

NHN gave me your details :)

Long story short is I have been having vibration issues on the front end and want to change all 4 shocks.

What price am I looking at to replace front and rear shocks and what options do I have from OEM to specialist please?

It has the S-Line suspension but not sure what type of shock Audi use from the factory, happy to have the OEM ones as just looking to tick them off my list elimination :)

Thanks mate.


The car has the springs it came with from new, S-line sports suspension.
Don't know anymore than that sorry mate.


Thanks very much.

So are the shocks the same on all B8 A4s and it is the springs that are different and provide the drop?

As in the SE Springs / Sport Springs / S-line
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