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Help Please A4 B8 - dead instrument cluster

23e Heure Jan 18, 2020

  1. 23e Heure

    23e Heure Member

    Checked the FAQs, did some thread searches, didn’t find an answer, but please point me to thread links if there are in-depth discussions of this already.

    My B8.5 Avant instrument cluster and the infotainment system is completely dead.

    But the car and all the other electrics (windows, locks, indicators, headlights, handbrake etc etc) all still working fine.

    I called the AA:

    1. We checked all fuses: All fine (he said)

    2. Disconnected the (tested healthy) battery for 10mins to try a “hard reboot”: No joy

    3. Connected the AA diagnostics laptop.
    Got the attached results (see pic)


    4. AA guy gave up, and said something like “good luck: a new ECU and install is gonna cost you ££££££” :-(

    Some pertinent history maybe:

    Car was broken into 3 months ago and crims tried hacking the ecu to start it.

    They failed. No visible damage, the car ran absolutely fine when I started it with the key next day... except all the lights on the dash were illuminated.

    I took it to my local Audi main dealer, who reset the ECU (and recoded my keys for good measure).
    That fixed the “all lights on dash” prob, and there’s been zero issues since then.

    So... I plan on taking the car back to the same dealership, reminding them of the reset (in case there’s sone kind of link to that ), and asking them to see what needs doing to fix it now.

    Unless! Anyone here has any suggestions of other things to try before I do that?

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2020
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  3. 23e Heure

    23e Heure Member

    (Depressing) thread update:

    Audi service centre say the instrument cluster needs replacing.
    Total cost... £1750

    Does anyone have a suggestion of a cheaper approach to replacing and/or fixing the existing one?

    The dash was still dead when I setbout on the drive to the dealer yesterday, then after a minute or two it all flashed a few times... then worked 100% fine all the way to the garage.
    So I had prayed that it was just a loose connection.

  4. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    Have you considered removing the dash pod and sending it away to get checked and if possible repaired? From what I've read, if they find it faulty and repair it, it will not need any recoding to your car.

    BBA REMAN is one of these car electronics fixers, there will be many others as well.
  5. PenttisHSR

    PenttisHSR Active Member Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group Manual

    Just so you know, if you remove the dash and send it to BBA reman, your car will still run OK.
    Unlike the B5, there is no immobiliser in the dash.
  6. 23e Heure

    23e Heure Member

    Good to know, thanks!

    Will talk to BBA and see what they say.

    Hopefully the Audi dealer has the dash pod still out of the car...

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