A4 B8.5 Seat Swap


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Feb 1, 2010
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Quick question. I'm just away to purchase a really good heated full leather interior from an 08 a4 and fit it to my 2012 b8.5 a4. May seem a bit odd but the leather looks brand new on this interior. Does anyone know of any compatability issues I'd have doing the swap? I'll be swapping the seat modules to avoid the protection issues but just wanted to make sure the heated seats and that would be all compatible? Seats are manual adjustment too.

Any help greatly appreciated
Do you currently have heated seats? Whats your original spec seats compared to these replacements?
Hi Darren, yes I currently have heated seats. My seats are just standard s line half leather with manual adjustments and are heated. 2008 seats are full leather, heated and manual adjustment so only difference is the full leather.

Was actually thinking getting trim tek to do a brand new leather package on the car but this interior is about half price. Just nervous the deal is too good to be true

Should be pnp, but without checking the schematics I cant be 100% sure, just compare the connectors & pin assignments.

There are 2 types of seats tbh, 1 with an intelligent module & 1 without, as long as yours are the same which I'm guessing the non intelligent module versions, then I see no issues making them work, if you face issues & need an installer, give me a shout as I've worked on these numerous times.