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Help Please A4 B8.5 Manual Gearbox Issues (no oil)

Audiman3791 Jul 26, 2019

  1. Audiman3791

    Audiman3791 Registered User

    I have a 2014 A4 petrol manual (B8.5), front wheel drive with around 20k miles. A few months ago, the clutch started slipping so I took the car to a local indie garage (Audi wanted 3k for the repair...) who replaced the clutch and flywheel (both of which had definitely worn at a low mileage??). In the few days after getting the car back I noticed a whining noise most apparent in third to sixth gear, whilst under load (while accelerating). Took it to an Audi garage who said they could not see any issues. A few weeks later the gearbox seizes in sixth gear. I take it to the same indie garage thinking it is related to the new clutch parts but ultimately the gearbox had to be reconditioned by a third-party specialist working with this indie garage. When I asked what happened, the gearbox specialist said the gearbox had run out of oil and overheated, seizing the gear onto the shaft. After the car was repaired (again) I was due a service, so I took it to the Audi dealer (wanting to maintain a full Audi service history) and they found that the CV boot clips were missing and anti-roll bar nuts were ‘incorrect’. I asked them to carry out this repair and they found the drive shaft was not properly secured.

    I know that the indie garage is responsible for the CV boot clips/anti-roll bar nuts and drive shaft issue, but what can explain the gearbox losing all its oil? From my understanding it is a sealed gearbox and the oil lasts for the lifetime of the car. It is only S-tronic transmissions that require oil changes every few years. There is no whining noise now, so could the noise be related? Surely the garage could not have spoilt all the oil and forgotten to replace it during the clutch job? Also, Audi would have reported any oil leaks when investigating the whining noise as they had the car on a ramp.

    Any advice is appreciated as I am considering court action to get my money back, as this has cost me in the thousands.

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  3. EXSpartan36

    EXSpartan36 Active Member VCDS Map User

    The only explanation for the gearbox oil "running out" is it was never in the in the first place. The only way a gearbox would lose oil is if there was a leak which you would notice.

    The likely scenario is the indie garage removed the oil when changing your clutch and forgot to put it back in.

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