a4 b8 3.0tdi active sound exhaust


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Hello I've just purchased a 08 a4 avant 3.0tdi with mmi and dynamic suspension and I'm looking at fitting a active sounds exhaust but I'm struggling to find any part numbers or info on it. has anyone on here ever had one if so are they worth there money, straight forward forward to fit ect cheers john


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If you want the original Audi install this will cost you some money, Kufatec do a retrofit system but I think it only comes with the one resonator,
You would need 2 for a 3.0 TDI so another £500 on the price.

You can get cheaper results and more performance by getting the car mapped, removing the DPF and tweaking the exhaust.

I modified my standard exhaust and fitted a flap that is remote controlled. With the flap closed it is a little noisier than standard, jou get more of an idea it's a V6. Open the flap to engage Hooligan mode :) .
click on the picture below to play the video.

All the details are in my build thread.



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8T0071901 is the part number for the kit. I've got the installation guide stashed somewhere on PDF. I didn't bother going any further as it's £900 for parts only. Fitting you could do yourself if you have access to a ramp and are happy splicing into your wiring.


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ah cool thanks I'll try giving tps a call and see if they can do it any cheaper as I don't mind fitting it my self. Karl your setup looks a nice way of doing it just I'd prefer to keep the car as oem as possible. the extra power wouldn't go a miss mind