A4 b8 2.0 limp mode HELP!


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May 19, 2020
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I have had the hpfp failure but replaced everything. Im still suffering 1 problem with the car, and that is if the car has not been used for about 4+ hours, the car will go into limp mode if I dont let the car stay idle for 3-5 minutes, depends on the temperature outside. Shutting off and on the car if it goes into limp mode fixes the flashing glow plugs/limp mode issue and the car works perfectly untill I dont use the car for 4+ hours. The codes that I have are P00800 and P106500. I have changed the fuel pressure sensor but Im pretty sure its not an original sensor if that matters? If I force the flashing glow plugs early in the morning shut off and on the car and force it again without letting it idle for a couple of minutes the third time I do it a check engine light will appear with a code p0087 but the engine light will dissapear after a long ride/a couple of trips back and forth to work. I have changed the hpfp 2 times but its not an original version. The car is 2008.