A4 B7 Symphony II+ coding question


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Mar 7, 2013
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Evening all,

I've just replaced a Concert II+ with a brand new Symphony II+. The installation went smoothly, the Symphony II+ accepted the code without issue and went through what I presume to be the standard initialisation phase. However, I now need to code it for Bose, Multi-function steering wheel, diesel engine, Avant, etc per the Ross Tech guide and I've been unable to locate it via a borrowed cable and VCDS release 11.11.2 (not beta). I've tried Radio, Sound System and Navigation to no avail - any suggestions..?!

Thanks and best regards,

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Take it out and find out, but usually all the cables for can and diag etc are passed through the Dension wiring adaptors, so the K-line wire in your B7 should be passed through. is your ROSS TECH lead CAN BUS Only or does it support K-line?
Fair suggestion regarding the Dension Gateway, I'll remove it this evening and try again. In terms of the cable - please excuse my igornace, I'm new to VAG ownerhsip and VCDS, it's a Hex-Can USB cable which I understood to be suitable for the 8E (B6/7) A4..? I'm not sure if it supports K-line - that term is new to me.

Thanks for your help, genuinely appreciated.
I think you could get cheaper cables from Ross TEch that were can bus only (Key/microcan), I use a genuine ROss TEch lead with K-line and CAN bus.

Best way to check is when you plug it in, go to the setup page and test the interface plugged into the car, if it is both then it should say K-line OK, Can OK.

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