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A4 B7/Seat Exeo

ANDY2.0 Oct 5, 2018

  1. ANDY2.0

    ANDY2.0 Member

    Is there any parts from the Seat Exeo that is interchangeable with the B7? Parts that are maybe cheaper/better engineered/good upgrade etc?

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  3. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    RNSE is the best bit from what I recall it's the latest and greatest that fits ours. I quite like the doors with mirrors as they look a bit more modern but not sure if the door line follows exactly, looks like it does but I'm not sure. Most the car is interchangable to some extent as they are based on the same chassis just depends how many parts need swapping to make them work really.

    Just as a bit of background (and I'm sure many already know) I have a b6 with a b7 front end so the b6 platform is another model to nick parts from.
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  4. jay1601

    jay1601 Well-Known Member

    I’ve had a B7 now got a Exeo everything bar the bonnet/bumpers/boot/lights are the same

    Swapped all my mods from the A4 to the Exeo all the same

    The interior is the from the b6/B7 cabriolet
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