A4 b7 mfsw fitted, Bluetooth/mode button non-functional.


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Hi all, Thanks for your time in advance, I'd be greatful of receiving any help with regards to the following issue.

I have recently been through the process of retrofitting cruise control and a mfsw to my Audi A4 DTM with concert Bose radio and phone prep (all part numbers are correct for that model).

Whilst the above was a success, I thought that the mode button didn't work because I haven't got my phone mounted in the phone holder.

However today when using my friends laptop we found by fluke that the car also has Bluetooth (laptop tried to connect to car - had the car 18 months and never realised). After a bit of playing around I can connect and hear calls etc but I have to use the phone to make/answer calls. The buttons on the steering wheel don't do anything with regards to the phone or Bluetooth, all stereo controls work as they should.

Is there some coding that I need to do that is not obvious? The Bluetooth has been there all along but not the mfsw?


2005.5 S4
Having just messed around with the coding on my steering wheel last night there is different options for the mfsw, you have MFSW with radio control, then radio control and phone, and radio, phone and voice controls.