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A4 B7 Cab, How To Replace Hazard Switch? HELP?

vanbling Dec 3, 2015

  1. vanbling

    vanbling Registered User

    I need to replace my hazard light switch due to erratic behaviour when opening the doors.

    I have purchased the switch but do not know how to remove from the cabriolet as the dash is different to the saloon.

    Please help!

    I tried the search function several times but kept coming up with 'please try again later'.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Ianski68

    Ianski68 Registered User

    Hi. I have never had to swap out the hazard light switch but would think it is easy to get to if you pull the radio out.
  4. Tolak

    Tolak Registered User

    Old thread, but useful if you got to the answer.
    From observations on fleabay, the hazard switch os part of the switch assembly, and so will require a bit more disassembly to get it out.
    However, hazard functions for the doors are controlled by the comfort unit; if you open the driver's door with a key, and take more than 30 seconds to turn on the ignition, the alarm will sound, and flash the hazards. Note that if your sounder is broken (probably through disuse) you will only get the flashing lights, even when the hazard switch has not been set.
    Hope this helps,
  5. Tolak

    Tolak Registered User

    OK, update.
    You can remove the storage compartment above the switch array with two latches in the top of the compartment. (Look up at the roof of the compartment, you'll see a tag each side.)
    The switch set can then be removed by pressing the tags on each end. (I was interested in replacing the switches with a second cup-holder, so this was the end of this investigation.
    However, I have also had the radio out (simply four radio keys) and this released the front edge of the switch mounting block; at that stage, I should have looked for extra fixing for the hazard switch. Next time, I will...

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