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A4 B7 Cab 3.2 v6 timing chains

Mart838 Jan 15, 2019

  1. Mart838

    Mart838 Registered User

    Hi there,has anyone on here changed the timing chains on a 3.2 v6 quattro cab.
    If so what chains did you go for, any special bits of kit required, where did you buy from...
    Thinking of replacing mine as its done 151,000 miles.
    No issue no rattling chain on start up just thinking it's something I should get done soon.

    Any advice gratefully received
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  3. Mart838

    Mart838 Registered User

    Overwhelmed by the response guys.....
  4. KIll_the_cameras

    KIll_the_cameras Registered User

    Ummmm...if it ain't broke don't fix it? I think I was quoted £1200 - 1500 to change them. Surely it'll very clearly let you know when it needs doing right? Mines done 88,500 and quiet also, hopefully it stays that way! I keep mine under 3000 rpm until it's warmed up...and using 5W30 oil...maybe that'll keep it safe..who knows!!!! From what I've been reading, they don't ALL suffer from the chain probs...but that maybe just down to how well they are serviced and looked after...151,000 is surely proof of that!
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