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A4 B7 3.0 tdi tiptronic obd gearbox flash tool

Olympus593 Nov 10, 2018

  1. Olympus593

    Olympus593 Registered User

    Hi all
    Has anyone any experience at all on this obd flash tool? Only just been made aware my ZF tiptronic gearbox can be altered. There is a company near to me in Kent quoting £350 for this tool that apparently locks the diff sooner offers smoother gear change yet makes the change quicker also, not DSG quick but quicker change overall. I think my gearbox change is pretty smooth already and gearbox is only 4 years old with 30k miles in a 2009 B7 3.0 tdi ASB. Wouldn't want to put the gearbox under anymore stress as I've read these are not that strong to start with hence probably why it needed changing at 80k miles. So has anyone used one or know of them please?

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