A4 B7 2.0TFSI Quattro - Rear Thudding


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Morning ladies and gents.

First of all I have searched online and I have found threads where other owners experience the same symptoms as my car but each thread goes quiet and never seems to have the answer:


Deep thud that you can feel through the car when setting off in first, after the transmission has warmed up you will get thud, thud, thud in first and second pretty much throughout the RPM range when under load.

Anything above third isn’t noticeable.

However I have had the car in the air and when in third only at idle you can hear lots of deep thuds from the rear, accelerate a little and it goes.

It sounds like the rear diff is shot but I am reading reports of a failed mount causeing similar symptoms but not these exact ones.

Any help or if anyone has had this and XYZ was the fix it would be great to know.

Thanks again everyone!


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