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A4 B7 2.0Tfsi (Quattro) Oil pressure warning

QuattroBoy2.0T Jul 21, 2020

  1. QuattroBoy2.0T

    QuattroBoy2.0T New Member

    Driving home from work, My B7 threw up the Oil pressure warning light for about 10-15 seconds with beeps, I pulled over and heard a rattle (metallic) in the engine bay, Switched off ignition looked around, nothing no oil leak nothing, checked every possible place with my mobile Ramps in the boot, turned on ignition cranked the engine and no warning nothing, but the rattle was there for a while now even before this happened, Im worried if I should keep driving, Car is not tuned or Chipped, but the previous owner may have since its got a KO4 and a JDM style N1 exhaust (single box) loud as F though, drives like a dream also, what can it be?
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  3. I'm Just Rob.

    I'm Just Rob. Moderating or something, Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter VCDS Map User

    If its fitted with a KO4 it has been tuned and to at least stage 2+, well if the previous owner went all the way and not just fitting it.
    problem wise it could be several things , very hard if not impossible to say at this point without further investigation to be honest.
    I would'nt advise driving it until you have a clearer idea on the acctaul problem.

    There are a fair few threads on the this forum with allmost identical symptoms and solutions etc , maybe have a search .
  4. QuattroBoy2.0T

    QuattroBoy2.0T New Member

    Hi Rob, thanks for the reply, Ill have it checked today, I'm not sure on the power levels the standard 2.0T's have 197PS so with this set up what am I looking at?, KO4/Straight pipe from the CAT to the Back Box (N1 Muffler), I realised it wasn't an ordinary A4 when I slapped a 3.2V6 A3 on the highway (Apr Tuned 3.2V6)

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