A4 b7 2.0t Clutch Upgrade


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Im new to this forum and im looking for a new clutch kit with flywheel. Im from the UK and all i can find is awesome gti's sachs clutch kit but it doesnt include a flywheel. Like most people im going down the power route and want to get a performance one. Only kits that ive found are from the USA and would be subject to tax, vat and such making it cost just under 1.5k-ish. Can anyone recommend a flywheel or any other options??



I had a similar dilemma. Even called Sachs.

I ended up buying the ECS Tuning RA4 conversion kit - basically a single mass steel flywheel and a RS4 B7 clutch kit.
It's on sale from time to time and comes down 10%-15%. An alternative is the equivalent kit from JH Motorsports (JHM).
JHM also does recurring sales throughout the year - subscribe to their newsletter and time your purchase.

Shipping is expensive and VAT adds up, yes, but I think the total will still come in under the cost of buying OEM locally, certainly below buying aftermarket locally. One thing to consider is using a freight forwarder in the US, like for example "shipito". You then fill your own customs form (...) and select whatever shipping option you like. Still costly, but that should help.


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