A4 B6 non-runner to head turner lol


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Been at it again, peeled back to the factory red and giving it another spray job, as had some left over plasti dip and a couple of days free.

Going to try making this our new show car as the RX8 is getting sold to make way for a wide arch BMW project.

Pic's to follow of completed job, but here is a pic of it with my old B6 (just before i sold it) with my current one.

Just on a side note, I searched the internet far and wide looking for a guide to removing the trim that is in the centre of the doors and found nothing at all...

For the record, these are just stuck on, heat gun and trim removal tool will get them off.

Also, looked at a lot of vid's about how to remove the door handle covers and found nothing for the B6, for reference, lock the car, lift handle up and find something to wedge it like that, if you're looking under the handle, you should see where the handle cover is clipped over 2 teeth. Get 2 fine tipped flat head screw drivers and prise these teeth towards the ground, once these are free, push handle cover upwards and the handle cover will come off. BE CAREFUL - the handle covers are metal and the "teeth" are plastic, I broke at least 2 of the 8. Also, on the Drivers door, the key surround just prises off, nice and easy.

Lower door blades are well documented throughout the internet so i won't bore anyone.

I'll upload finished pic's soon, gd night guys


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right ho!!

I'm selling the A4 after falling in love with the Rx8 and the support the RX8 forum gave our project, unlike here lol

here is the Audi in it current state although i will be giving it a new spray job before selling it.

It's been a lonely journey guys,

cheers & god bless



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