A4 B6 Comfort Control Module change because of New seats?


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Jul 9, 2019
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Hello. My question is, do I need to change my Comfort Control Module (under the steering wheel and under the drivers seat) when I want to change my seats. I got full manual seats (no lumbar), and I want to put S line seats in my car, they are also manual, but only lumbar support is electric. Do I need to change the Comfort control modules or can I just instal 20A fuses (not 30A because seats are not full electric) and put the wires thru.

Talked with a guy that instaled full electric seats in his car, and he told me he needed to change the Comfort Control Modules.
My modules are: AS (under driver seat) and E (under steering wheel).
The modules of the seats that I want to buy are: AT (under driver seat) and F (under steering wheel).