A4 B6 2.5Tdi quattro


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One winter morning i saw in Facebook that someone is selline this car.
Price was right and location was not too far to go get her right away.

She needs a lot of work and thats why i bought her.
  • 2.5l AKE
  • 6-speed manual 01E
  • Quattro
So it was about -25°C outside and the car was allmost in the center of Estonia.
When we arrived to the place and i understood that the car is not driving normaly i was in a little bit of a bad mood. No power under 3500rpm, no powersteering, not heating the cabin normaly. Outside was fu***** cold and snowstorm and the wintertires was useless crap.
3 houers later i was back at home.
Lighted up a sigaret and looked at that pice of **** projectcar i bought again.
I dont know why but i removed the wires from MAF sensor and quess what ... That pice of **** started working normally

There are many plans with this new project so stay tuned.
Allso can see pictures in Instagram @b6.hitler

Will add the build history with pictures as fast as i can.


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First pictures of the car after buying.
Press on picture to see it bigger.