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A4 b6 1.9tdi auto vibration when accelerating

spence79 Nov 24, 2019

  1. spence79

    spence79 Member

    More help please.

    I have seen some threads on here about this and similar problems. By looking I don’t have a torque converter but a duel mass flywheel?

    Vibrates through the car, the seats and the steering wheel. Only when accelerating tho and eases off through the Rev range.

    Any ideas? Any help appreciated.

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  3. pauldazzle

    pauldazzle Well-Known Member

    Worn drive shaft would be my first suspect. BTW, If your car is an auto it has a torque converter.
  4. n3m

    n3m New Member

    Sorry to bring up an oldie... but did you get to the bottom of this Spence?

    I have an identical issue with the same car :/
  5. Wolf_man

    Wolf_man New Member

    Same issue here since I bought the car a year ago, but seems to be getting worse
    Always assumed it was driveshafts as I dread to think about the CVT box, but recently I asked a guy to have a look and he said my driveshafts are still fine and said I need to replace the rear mount on my gearbox, but he doesn't think it will fully solve it.

    Any reading I have done on the CVT failing all seem to point to various symptoms, but heavy vibration under acceleration isn't really one I came across
    Anybody any ideas on this?

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