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A4 B5 Major steering problem PLEASE HELP

WTID89 Feb 12, 2016

  1. WTID89

    WTID89 New Member


    So i have a a4 b5 1.8t quattro 99plate.

    I recently had to change my control arms as they failed on the m.o.t.

    I bought my friends off of him as he had brand new ones that had done less than a thousand miles which came off a passat b5.

    After alot of struggle getting the old ones off due to bolts seizing and tie rods being badly worn i eventually replaced all the arms and inner and outer tie rods.

    Once fitted i noticed the tracking was horrendously out i adjusted it the best i could so it was straight as possible looking at it just so i was drivable to the m.o.t centre ready for tracking to be done propely.

    BUT...... heres the problem when the car is stationary if i turn the steering wheel from left to right the whole car rocks side to side as if the wheels are tilting and lifting the car upwards.
    The tracking has been done at the m.o.t centre but its still rocking side.

    And also when driving the wheels steer in their own i had to do a full half turn of the steering wheel at one point to keep the car going straight.
    Something seems majorly lose its like my steering wheel doesnt feel like its connected to wheels properly even so all the bolts have been double checked over by three people more than once.

    I've parked it up and i'm not driving it at all until i the problems solved its just not safe.

    If anyone can please help with any advice or info as to what it could be i'm going to get a garage to do the work but i dont want to drive it just yet i'm at a real loss any help would be massively appreciated.

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  3. Kingfisher

    Kingfisher Active Member

    where did your friend get the arms from? I've heard for some years that there are a lot of fake ones around.
    You need a quality Meyle/Febi from a highly reputable source. You MAY have Chinese versions - that last a few thousand miles only.
    You say the tracking was done at the MOT centre - is it an Audi Specialist? I doubt that the average MOT centre can do a 4 wheel alignment on these cars.
    You probably also need rear wishbone bushes if the arms have gone. Ours also needed rear bushes before the arms needed replacement and that was at 86k miles - driven 50/50 between me and wife so not ragged everywhere! Ours rumbled and steered from the rear as you applied power and brakes - not after the new poly bushes !!
    17 years of ownership and 96k miles.

    Lovely cars, ours went in March last year ago, replaced by her S3 saloon. The Dealer has kept it and it is in the showroom amoungst the new ones every now and then ! However she had a very good job and spent the money on it - any doubt replace
  4. Samuel c5 Q

    Samuel c5 Q Active Member Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    Are you sure the passat arms and Audi arms are compatible? Check the part numbers. I was under the impression that even between the a6 c5 cars sport to se etc that control arm differences where present. If the arms aren't designed for the a4 then that will net you a bag of trouble.

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