A4 B5 Avant Electric Rear Window Retrofit.


I want your faulty electronics
My A4 has manuals rear and since I don't like manual rears I thought I'd change that.

I picked up all the necessary bits from TonyA4 this weekend and set about converting the manual windows to electric.

The parts:=-
Rear windows
Door looms
Section of body loom
Rear door cards
Rear window switches
Front switch panel

New rear windows and wiring.

First stage was to make some room in the car so I can run the wires as close to OEM as possible.
Seats out.

Next, remove door cards.

With the door cards off I removed all the door wiring and removed the 4 torx bolts holding the frame in place.
Before removing the bolts I marked their position on the door to aid with the aligning of the new window frames.

Fitted the electric windows, aligned the frame so the door seals and shuts correctly.
Fitted part of the body loom, mainly to hold the door loom in place and it saves me from having to take the door apart again (hope).

New electric windows fitted and aligned.


This is not over yet, just 1 part done.
I still need to make the rest of the body loom up.
the section that joins the rears to the front switches and where ever else it goes.
Thats my task for this week, make a loom up and find out where else the wires need to go with in the body.

I also need to sort out the door cards.
The door cards I got off TonyA4 was black/blue in colour and mine is grey.
For a temp fix untill i find the correct door cards, I'm going to take the switch panels out of the black door cards and add them to my original door cards, same goes for the front door car.
Hopefully for a short time they will be grey with black switch panels.

I'll up date this when I have something to update it with.
I hope to complete this project by the coming weekend.
I will also have my repaired clocks to fit, cruise control to finish off and since my seats are out, i'm going to try and add rear foot well lighting.

P.S. All my original manual windows and the black door cards are for sale and open to offers.


I want your faulty electronics
Since my door cards are manual and the electric door cards are black, I had to swap handle section over where the switches. Not a hard job just a bit of a pain really.

The two door cards side by side.

The rear plastic sections that i'm swapping over.

The parts removed from the door cards.

Electric switches fitted to my manual door cards.

Also added the 5 switch pod to the drivers door.

Now i can crack on with the loom.


I want your faulty electronics
All done.
Removed my Manual windows and fitted the Electric windows.
Used the electric window loom in each door.
The look for electric windows is seperate from all the other door looms. Which is nice.

Join all the same colour wires together and you're done. Pretty easy easy really and they even work with total open and close.
So happy days. :)

Whats next?


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I know its a while now but could you help im thinking of doing the retrofit of rear windows -i have the door looms for the rear do they just plug into the blocks at the footwells beside the driver and passenger connectors if so where in the block do they go also i take it the wiring behind that block is prewired for the back windows or do i need that loom as well?.


I want your faulty electronics
When I did mine I had all four door looms and all 4 pillar plugs with several inches of cables, this made it a lot easier for me cause I just matched up the missing cables in the plugs already on the car.

Run the window looms in to the door, through the rubber and in to the pillars.
From memory, All 4 doors run off the same live and earth cables, its just the switch cables that goes from the drivers door to each window is different but all this should be obvious if you have the cables in front of you cause there will be a couple of different colours for each door.

You should not need to touch the wiring in to the passenger and only need to add 3 extra plugs in the drivers door (2 for the rear windows and the safty cut off switch).

You will need the plugs and pins for the pillars if you never got them, or you can just solder the cables directly together but that's not very OEM :)

Dan TheMan Welburn

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Sorry to drag this up, but im trying to do this on a b6... not sure what will be different, ive fitted all the door looms and have cards with switches so im guessing all there is to do now is mate some wiring in the b pillars?


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Hello ScottD3,
I know that it's been almost 7 year that you wrote this topic, and if you're still here can you explain to me if you can, the wiring where and how to put them and do I need to change any fuse for the rear windows to work?
Thanks alot!