A4 Avant Tyre Load rating


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Hi all,

Getting some new front tyres for my b6 avant today, I've bought many tyres for various cars in the past (normally smaller hatchbacks mind you, it's the first time I've bought for this one...prices were a slight shock compared to my 15" golf tryes!! lol)
& I've always just given the tyre size & make of tyre I wanted...
This time they asked, is it a 94 or 97Y.....
I didn't have the car with me when I called, so told them the car & they said it'll probably be the 97Y tyre as its rated for the higher load..

That's all new on me, but have gone with their recommendation. (there was £2 price difference, so no big deal)
It was only when the mrs got in, I checked the tyres that are on the car, I have 2x rears Avon ZV5 94Y,
drivers front is a Continental 94Y and the passenger front Avon ZV5 97W

What is correct/recommended?? Just out of interest more than anything as not come across this before.

(I gather it's not the best having different branded & different load rated tyres on the same axle..i normally keep to the same tyre)
It's the fronts being changed today, so they'll both be Uniroyal Rainsport 97Y rated ones (never tried uniroyal so thought i'd give them a go)
You can't get better than the other half having their input, after all they drive the car too and from my experience women can drive!!


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I have 4 x Uniroyal Rainsports 97Y - XL (extra load) fitted on my Avant. Rainsports are a soft tyre compound so having stiffer sidewall helps with the handling.


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The correct spec is the 97Y (XL) as already mentioned. Obviously someone less scrupulous has decided to save the extra £2 previously!