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A4 Avant TDI Quattro or Allroad ??

Tiger-G Mar 16, 2016

  1. Tiger-G

    Tiger-G Member

    Hi :)

    Hope you don't mind me dropping in on the A4 forum for some advice ??

    I've had a 2009 A3 Sportback TDI Quattro for 3 years now, and it's been a great car. Especially for those one or two days of the year when it's snowing or icy and everyone else is slip sliding along going nowhere !!

    The handling has been ok, but I find the suspension a bit too soft for my liking. Having said that, it is very surefooted when pushed round bends and roundabouts, and I do tend to push it a lot !! ;-). I think having decent tyres fitted makes a big difference too.

    Sooooo...........to get to the point............I want a car with a bit more room for both passengers and luggage, so I'm moving up to a 2013 A4. The question is, do I go for a Avant TDI Quattro or an Allroad ?? It'll be a 2 litre, and I'll probably be getting it chipped to make up for the lack of poke due to the extra weight, compared to the A3.

    As an old boy racer I still want to be able to chuck the car around on A and B roads, have excellent grip, firm suspension, and be confident in what the suspension is doing. What is the Avant suspension like compared to the A3 or the Allroad ?? I can't seem to find any information on what the Allroad's suspension set up is like, and I can't find much info on "dynamic mode". Is that a mode to firm up the suspension.

    Any comparisons, info, advice would be helpful on the Avant or Allroad's suspension set up, i.e, body role, stiffness, confidence in corners, etc.

    I'll post this in the Allroad forum too for a comparison.

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. toadusmodus

    toadusmodus Member Team V6 Team Scuba S tronic Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group


    I have dropped you reply in the Allroad forum, but I forgot to say that if the car has Drive Select, the Dynamic Mode does nothing to alter the suspension on the Allroad.
  4. Montecha

    Montecha New Member

    I have a S-Line Quattro avant (3.0 Oil Burner). The ride is firm and very positive, I run 18" wheels in Winter and 19" in Summer, prefer the ride on the 18" on the lanes, as it's just a bit more forgiving.

    It's definitely more of a fast A / B Road car, although happy enough on M-Ways and D/Cs, I think the handling is very good, as it's saved me on a number of occasions from arriving in corners way too fast!

    Try and find one to test drive, I don't think you will be disappointed.
  5. Tiger-G

    Tiger-G Member

    Thanks for the info, think the best thing to do is to test drive them both ;-)

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