A4 AVANT S-LINE 3.2 V6 - PICS - does this look genuine?


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First time poster and looking for some advice about a car I'm interested in buying.

A couple of things had leaped out at me about this car (whether it is a genuine S-Line) so figured you chaps would be able to offer some advice.

Can you tell from the pictures attached if this car is the genuine article?








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It has the right bumpers, wheels, grill and door badges, but no leather interior which I thought most if not all s lines had, the wood is unusual. It has factory HID lights by the look of it with the headlight washers in the bumper. I think it is genuine, just with some strange spec on it. It also has an aftermarket head unit in it too.


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My old A4 TDI had S Line bumpers, badges and grille but no leather interior or S Line badge on steering wheel. It was also odd!
From this I cant tell whether its genuine or not either 0_o


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Not all S-lines have same spec, most dont have leather on B7s, the interior trim on the seats is the same as my s-line avant, mine doesnt have s-line on steering wheel but has multi functions, loads of them are different all depends who ordered the car new to be honest


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not all s-lines have the leather
infact most dont is was an extra as most audi toys are
that is from the pics a s-line with a nice rare sunroof

look on the v5 for s-line also a quick hpi check will tell you s-line or not


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Thanks for the insights guys.

I found it strange that the steering wheel had no functions either.

it's a 2006 with 57km's on the clock.

Still weighing up whether to buy it but need to do some more research about how expensive the car might be to run and how reliable it is.


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Would say it's genuine s-line, couldn't see someone going through all that trouble and keep it looking mostly stock with an aftermarket headunit (although of course this has been done before). Can't see why it matters whether it's the genuine article or not long as it has the bits and bobs you want, looks like a nice motor :happy:

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Looks genuine apart from the Stereo unit, leathers were normally an optional extra on slines....even multifunctional steering wheel.

You will find from your research that there are many variations.


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Mine is an S-Line...... without s-line wheels, but with full leather, but without the 'S-Line' embossed in to the leather, does have MFSW, but doesnt have S-Line badge on the steering wheel.

Does have S-Line bumpers and badges.

Is an S-Line on the V5.

Lots of weird different specs out there :)