a4 avant headlight problem


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Nov 27, 2013
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Hi there all new to the forum but i wont bore you with the full story ill get to the point basically i live in a rural area alot of country roads and stock lights dont cut it so i went to a local well known motorsport store and got them to order me a set of hids which he assured me they were the top spec 1s and would not bring the eml light on so basically i payed 200 pound and guess what light was straight on he told me he didnt know how because they had built in cancelors so i told them to take them out and refund me my money so basically im stuck i need hids but have no idea what to do and i dnt fancy driving with eml l8gh constantly on thabks for reading
Sounds like they are mounted too close to the crash sensors which are either side of the rad and need to be mounted futher away......lots of topics on it if you do a search.

Are they the slim ones that can fit under the headlight where the originas would go or are the the larger versions and you have drilled a hole out the back lid.
there was a thread on here showing how to run a separate earth from the headlight in order to avoid this problem.
i have a slim-line HID set from ebay seller HIDS direct and they dont give any light errors.
before forking out on HID's, I can recommend osram night breakers! i fitted them to my pickup and the difference really was like night and day! you can pick them up for about £14 a set on ebay.

I have no experience of HID lights so i cant compare but the night breakers are pretty darn good! :)

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