A4 Avant B9 TDI ticking noise from driver side on acceleration


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Hi guys, first time I've owned an Audi, picked it up earlier this week from a dealer. After a bit of advice if anyone is aware of this! This is the only "issue" I can find with the car and want to find out whether it's legitimately a concern or is normal. The dealer said it was a normal diesel engine sound but I'm still not sure...

The car is a A4 Avant (B9, 67 plate) TDI 2.0 Ultra Sport S Tronic (7 speed). The noise occurs under the following conditions:
  • Car has to be moving, cannot replicate it revving whilst parked
  • Only seems to occur during 25mph+ and in 4th gear upwards
  • Noise seems isolated and audibly to the drivers side, not central towards the engine bay, and is directly associated with acceleration (ie. is not present when coasting at 25mph+)
  • Happens when driving both straight and whilst taking corners
  • Noise stays constant and doesn't seem to increase in sound with additional revs
I have a video of the issue here to demonstrate the sound: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Vi1csbg1JRi6b489

Has anyone ever experience something like this? Any immediate ideas what the noise could be, or if it's of concern?

Thanks in advance!
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Does sound like a typical 4 cylinder diesel under load to me. Is this Your first diesel?

Audi A4 B9 3.0 TDi quattro 200 kw


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Not first diesel but first 4 cylinder and first auto too. It's a cracking car and a really nice drive, very pleased with it!

Thanks for the quick replies guys, mind at rest now, appreciate it!
Could you please restore your link with sound? Also my first diesel DESA 2.0 190 b9 a4 sedan , the sound become under average load between 1500-1900 rpm, feeling like hissing noise from old tractor or engine fingers on gazoline manual cars when you chosen wrong gear.