A4 Avant B9 - Audi Dog Guard - Partition net.

Hi all.

Does anyone have any experience of these? The original Audi ones? I've bought a B9 Avant with powered tailgate. Just wondering how and if it will fit? Unless it will have this as standard?



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Not sure if you've actually bought this yet.

I have one of these but never used it. You can have it if you can collect it. Wandsworth, London.



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My Avant came with it as standard, and it had few extras so I think it's standard.
I've used it once when I loaded the boot up quite high just as a safety net, but seems like a potentially useful feature and clips in really easily.

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It’s clips in very sturdy no rattles etc.
You can clip it onto the top from the parcel shelf area or from the b pillar near the coat hangers with the seats flat.

it’s still just a net however.
Thank you all. I'm hopefully picking the car up on Thursday. So I'll check to see if it has one fitted before I go parting with my hard earned cash .


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That’s not a dog guard. It’s a net divider to stop your load sliding forward when braking if stacked high. You can buy an optionally metal dog grille/guard to replace that about £100 from memory if required
Thanks all. I've picked up the car now and it has the divider net so no need to go out and buy one. I'm thinking it may work fine as a dog guard. Hopefully anyway!!!