A4 Avant 2.5 Quattro wheel size offset + tyre recommendation...


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Hay oop guys,

Due for 2 new front boots, so we have decided it would be rude not to change from the 17" stars to 18" RS4's @ 235/40/17's.

Going to probably go for either Goodyear F1 Asymmetrics or Fulda Carat Exelero's. Both get reasonable reviews, but have any of you peeps any first hand reviews. Budget is an option. Don't want Toyo's due to wearing like old Yoki 008's<S> & Dunlop's get shot down in flames due to noise.

It's primarily our lass's car, so ultimate grip is not the be all & end all.

I just wondered what offset I need, as being a Quattro, is this different to a fwd model.

Cheers, Shane


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I think you mean 235/40R18's ;)

Most of the replicas are 8x18 with a 35mm offset. The standard 18's are 8x18 with a 42mm offset, so the rep's will fill the arches a bit more with no issues at all. The quattro models use the same wheels as FWD.

BUB :beerchug:


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Well but, no but, yes but, no but.

Everyone has been trying to prise tyres that are not wide enough, I just want to go one better & prise tyres that are not big enough in diameter for the ultimate Euro look:jump:

You know what I meant, good job really!! Cheers for the info on the Quattro being the same. I was not sure if they were tracked a bit wider being 4wd.

Fitting a Weitec 35mm drop kit as well next week, so should start to look the part. Couldn't afford/warrant the coilover route for the ultimate look, so this will have to do for now.

Cheers again for the input Bub,

Later peeps


On my 3rd A4! RS4 next???
The Weitec kit-is that just springs or dampers as well?

Any pics of the car as it stands?

Thinking I'd like to swap my suspension at some point, I have the same car and mine really seems to sag.

Cheers Chris


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Hi Chris,

The car sits totally standard, although it is an SE, which is higher than a Sport etc. Not sure what your's is.

The Weitec kit is springs & dampers, with a 35mm over standard drop. I did not see the point in springs alone. If you are going to change, at least do a matched set.

I unfortunately cannot post pics for some reason, as there is no option, (not that we have many, which reminds me I really need to get some before I do the swaps:lazy:)

Cheers fella, Shane