A4 armrest fitting guide


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Has anyone got a link to a am rest fitting guide I have had a search but can't find it.

Does the centre console have to come out?

Many thanks for all the help.


jutlis 3.0

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there is some info on here somewhere, you dont need to remove the console. i did one before and it was quite straightforward only took an hour if that


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i had my dashboard apart last week doing the single to double din conversion on the radio, and it apears that someone has added the arm rest to mine in the past, none factory hole cut out .

i had to remove that first before removing the console so you dont need to remove the console, and believe me you dont want to as it's a pain in the **** ! just remove the rear ashtray and you should be able to access a metal bracket the centre colsole bolts to tighten the nut