A4 2004 1.9 quattro humming noise


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May 6, 2016
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West Yorkshire
Afternoon all....not been on here for a while but now back with Audi. I have a quattro manual 6 speed and it makes a humming noise and gets louder as the car gets faster. Even rolling say at 50mph in neutral, the humming is there and loud.
It all seems to be coming from drivers side corner at the front.
Yesterday, I was doing motorway speeds and notices, the slightest turn to the right made it so much louder and a slight turn to the left made no difference, still the humming noise the same.
Does anyone have any idea why it may get significantly louder with a slight turn to the right at speed?
I don't know anyone up in Yorkshire who's good with these so any advice is much appreciated as always.

I've got a pair of michelin tyres on not long ago and they both look to be ok and a garage did the wheel bearing swing and wabble test and said the wheel bearing was good.
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing but they were thinking more the diff! I was under the impression that if you turned right for example, and the noise was coming from the right side then its the left wheel bearing and visa versa. I turn right and the noise is on the right but they reckon bearings are OK. I just don't want to start changing parts and go through the process of elimination as that has cost lots going by previous experience......
If it was the diff on a Quattro then it would have to be really bad to make a constant humming, when mine started to go on a b6 quattro it first started as a barely audible knocking as if I was driving on cats eyes and only at low speeds. It was pretty obvious that the noise was coming from the rear of the car as well.
Either a wheel bearing or the tyres themselves. I've never found Michelin tyres to be quiet compared to other brands.

You are quite correct in what you say, it will be the side opposite your direction of turn as that will be the loaded side