A4 2001 Windscreen Wipers


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Hi Guys,

does anyone know where (apart from Audi uk) i can get hold of some front windscreen wipers i've tried German Swedish but no joy its not the fitment i need any advice greatly recieved


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I just went to Audi, was easier in the end. I came up against brick walls. I do believe Bosch are supposed to make them!!


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These parts fit VAG Parts replacement kit for the A4 not the arms as supplied as OE on the car. Will have to be Audi Stealer as bosch not producing blades for general sale according to them, like they do for the VW range. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

£28 at my Local Stealer.


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Must say I'm using a brand new A3 courtesy car at the moment and the new style slim profile wipers are far superior to the standard ones fitted to my A4