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A4 2.5 TDI BAU Engine EGR 00560 Fault *Fixed*

BradV6 Jul 23, 2015

  1. BradV6

    BradV6 Registered User

    I'm posting this as I could not for the life of me find something online relating to this engine, in terms of this EGR problem. So here's how I fixed mine.

    The symptoms I had were EML and lack of power pulling away from still.

    At first I tried plugging the vacuum line with a screw after removing it from the EGR. No change in symptoms.

    I also tried clearing the code on VCDS but it would not clear.

    I then tried blanking the EGR and this improved the drive of the car, but the EML remained. Further searching revealed that this cannot be done on this engine with the EML staying. For the record, I had the hard pipe off that leads to the EGR and could see inside that it was not blocked at all. I even tested it but putting suction on the vacuum line and it opened a closed fine. This is a horrible job on this engine and wouldn't recommend it!

    I left it like it for a few weeks and done some more searching, and come across a suggestion that it could be the control solenoid for the EGR, or a split vacuum line.

    There seem to be two of these solenoids (correct me if im wrong) that link up to the EGR, on this engine they can be found next to the power steering reservoir (don't have a pic but one has a cap with "made in usa" on it).

    After removing these, I immediately found the problem, you can see from the pictures that there is a white vacuum connector down the bottom, and the hose I am holding is what should be connected to it. All other hoses were attached and tight, but this one simply slid off when I removed the solenoid. I was being careful with this so it hadn't come off through force of my own.


    The thickest of all the hoses is the one that goes directly to the EGR valve.



    On closer inspection it was clear that the hose had perished and was dirty inside, proving to me that it was not doing its job. I got to work replacing all of the vacuum lines (seen in red) with silicone lines and cable tied then on so they cannot work loose again. It's really cheap but I had some left over from a similar job on my MK4 golf years ago!



    After the repair, the engine light actually went out by itself after around 20 miles and the car now drives spot on, its been a week and it has not come back.

    Amazing that small piece of hose can cause all that issue!

    I hope this is of use to someone and that hose was very well hidden, and although the pics don't show everything I done step by step, if you do the repair its as simple as swapping out the hoses and replacing back where they originally were.

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  3. Oil Burner

    Oil Burner Registered User

    I don't know if you'll read this as it's 3 years since you posted your advice, but I seem to have the exact same problem with my Allroad 2.5TDI. Reading your solution and advice above is great, because I almost feel like I could be able to solve my own problem!!!

    Unfortunately though none of the photos you originally posted are to be found on PhotoBucket. Is there any chance you could repost them on here, to help me (and maybe others too) please?

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