A4 2.0tfsi power steering pump


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Hi fitted a new power steering pump to my A4 tfsi avant as it was leeking fluid due to the winter weather. On refilling with power steering fluid it only took just under a litre of fluid. on driving the car it seems fine and there are no noises as to say there is low fluid in the system but i have my doubts as wether it should have took more fluid? have i missed something and do i need to somehow bleed the system?
Does anybody know the capicity of the system?
Any info would be much appreciated.


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I changed the pump on my golf recently and that only took about 1 litre, as long as there are no bubbles in the fluid and you have moved the steering lock to lock a few times, it will be fine mate. Just give it a week and check the level again. They don't take much fluid.