A4 1.9 TDI 2003 PD130BHP 8E2 (B6) glow plug (coil) flashing + limp mode


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Hi guys , so 2 weeks ago out of the blue dropping a friend home late at night my A4 just went on limp mode with glow plugs flashing light on the instrument cluster , car will not pass 45mph ... did a scan with vagcom and the faults on the picture come up , i changed the brake light switch , camshaft sensor and had the EGR valve removed and cleaned and also cleaned all the sensors on the engine bay with contact spray , jumped into the ECU box and after opening it up there is a 15A fuse inside that keeps blowing , apparently my ECU box has no signs of water damage , moisture , corrosin ... my ECU is in really good shape , the times i chaged the 15A fuse in the ECU box i would reset faults and car would go back to normal for around 3 minutes leaving me now with the option of trying to find a "short to ground" somewhere in between this sensors and the ECU , i have the Haynes service manual for the AWX engine and apparently not all eletrical diagrams are there , is missing the electrical diagram for all electrical parts alocated in the engine bay .
Does anyone ever came up to the same faults ? What was the fix and do you guys know what is the 15A fuse located in the ECU box ?

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Hi, I'm having similar issues, did you ever get yours sorted? I keep getting Brake switch and cam sensor faults but all of the other faults are coded out of my ecu anyway. Thanks