a3 wing mirror water


A4 b8,s3 8v, q7 4l, SQ5 8r
does anybody no how/and why water has got inside my wing mirror indicator bit?

there is no visible damage to the exterior of my mirror,all lines are tight aswell so its quite odd why this has happened

never taken it off before isit the usual prize the top half from the bottom half?or do i need to take the mirror out and maybe get at some torx screws?


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Could be anything - perished seal, crack, not seated correctly - could have been from a power washer for example

Take it a part if it is bothering you, dry out and reseal


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Check on the threads on carbon mirror caps lots of good intructions and pictures showing how to remove the caps - once there off the indicator is straight forward to remove. You need T5 torx screwdriver to remove the bezel to gain access to the clips that hold the caps on.