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  1. WillesdenBoy

    WillesdenBoy New Member

    Hi everybody,

    Just joined this forum.

    We've owned 2 Audi A3s to-date, my wife currently drives a 2006 model.

    I'm currently driving a 2001 MB SLK which is practically on it's last legs. It has to go.
    I want to replace it with either a nearly new A3 (1.5 35 TFSI Sport) or a Q2 (1.5 35 TFSI Sport).
    I plan to use it for short local trips and the odd trip down to London (we live 20 miles away).
    It'll just be used by myself and my wife.

    Bit of a wide-open question, but what would tip the argument for choosing one over the other (aware that Q2 is an elevated A3) and are there any negatives to be aware of?

    I'm really into music so the sound system is important to me. Do you know who the 'unbranded' standard sound system in both these models is made by (my SLK single-cd player was branded MB, but under the hood was made by Becker; superb sound)?


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  3. AndyT306

    AndyT306 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    if you are really into your audio, pay for the upgrade - without checking i don't think it's an expensive option on these smaller cars
  4. PaulWhitt82

    PaulWhitt82 Active Member

    wife has TT with standard sound

    I have B&O and my god makes the standard sound sound awful - just no dpeth

    on the A3 for £900 option which includes heated seats B&O and park assit it was a no brainer

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