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Hello to everyone, hope you are all very well!

As the title says I've recently upgraded from my RNS-E unit to a 8 inch touch Android unit. Everything is more then excellent, the sound on the Bose speakers better then ever but I've noticed that I'm not getting anything on the board computer...

For example when music is playing usualy the song name is written on the board comp, or when listening to radio...
Is it possible to connect it somehow??
To code it?
Maybe connecting it to the android canbus box??

Any advices please be free to write down and thanks in advance :)

Best regards !!


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From what I've learnt after thinking of fitting another unit into my own car is that aftermarket head units will not transmit a signal to your dis. That's why I've made do with the ins-e unit I fitted when I got the car.


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Android units generally don't support dis info, some try but very limited info shown.