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A3 TFSI difficult to start after cam change

Hoverbod Jul 10, 2019

  1. Hoverbod

    Hoverbod New Member

    Hi Guys, hoping someone can give me a nudge in the right direction, It's quite wordy, but gives the whole story.
    2009 A3 1.8 TFSI Sport.
    Original problem:
    Screech from the top of the engine at about 3000 RPM, with hesitation. Occasional code relating to cam timing, but intermittent. occasional misfire codes.
    We thought it might be cam chain, so we got a cam chain kit and set about changing it. When we removed the Cam bridge bracket we found that the plain bearing had scored up on the bracket, and the the cam journal. Also found the little mesh on the cam inlet missing.
    So, new cam bridge bracket, and new cam fitted, and the new cam chain kit for good measure. complete oil change new filter, new oil, new plugs
    New problem:
    Disconnected coil packs and cranked it to make sure oil everywhere it should be before it ran.
    When first cranked it will splutter and fire and if lucky it'll start. Once running it will idle, but constant misfire, if revved, misfire goes away, and runs well. Let the revs drop, idles with misfire.
    However, if you turn it off, it will not restart, just cranks and cranks, if you work the accelerator it might fire. (like an old school cold engine with no choke).
    Leave it five minutes, and it will crank splutter and fire, as before.

    I'd really appreciate any hints on where I should be looking!!

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