A3 T Sport turbo problem

Antony 171008

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Good morning everyone.

New to the forum (and to turbo powered cars!), having bought a 2001 A3 T Sport a week last Friday. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem. As this is my first car fitted with a turbo, I hope you'll forgive my ignorance of not knowing something which is blindingly obvious :redface:.

When accelerating to the point the turbo comes in (around 2500rpm), the car begins to surge intermittently. When driven with gradual acceleration, i.e. no turbo requirement, the car drives fine. Incidentally there are no warning lights on the dashboard so no fault code to assess. I’ve checked for loose/damaged hoses and components but everything seems fine.
I’ve bought the ‘A3 1996 - 2003 Haynes manual’ :readit: so I just need pointing in the right direction!

Any advice about this problem, its causes & solution will be greatly appreciated - I won't be able to really enjoy :) my 'new' A3 until I get it fixed.

Many thanks in advance -


PS It’s not important (right now!) ,but occasionally there is a sound coming from behind the dashboard (by the lhs of the steering wheel) that sounds like a computer drive scanning a CD \ a stepper motor actuating - this happens both when the engine is or isn't running and nothing is moving or being moved. I would be interested if anyone knows what this might be.


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Hi and welcome to the forum! Its one of the most common problems with this engine unfortunately. It could due to a number of things, coil packs and MAF sensors are the biggest culprits, but im sure some of the more technically minded people on here will be able to help you further!


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Do a search of the forum mate, plenty on here about that. Better a surge than a judder though...and IMO, it could be a faulty DV valve.. ;-)

Antony 171008

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Thanks for your input djakster & Clach - I'll have a root around past threads (I'd already looked at the FAQ's in the sticky section) to see if there's anything relative to my circumstances. Hopefully, as you mentioned djakster, the technical wizards will put there finger on it & I'll be happier much sooner :yahoo:!